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Glasgow CELTIC in Bordeaux

Beer and sun in Bordeaux for some of the thousands of Glasgow Celtic fans at The Connemara ... After the exemplary behaviour of the famous TARTAN ARMY who travelled over for the World Cup in '98 the whole of the city was looking forward to another Scottish team. In fact they were surprised to see how many Irish (and indeed English and many other nationalities) follow the bhoys all around the world. There were even three supporters' clubs from France and the W.I.S.E. managed to get hold of over 250 tickets for them and several clubs in England and Scotland. The Girondins de Bordeaux (as with Man. Utd.) only proposed over 1000 seats - though this was later udgraded - but with several 'scouts' and locals we estimated that there were almost 7500 at the ground. Bordeaux should have offered 15000 seats (which could easily have been filled) instead of leaving many empty seats at the stadium as local FCGB fans thought this was a 'small club from an insignificant European League'. In the event the Bordelais, and especially the local police and security were pleasantly surprised by the conduct, attitude and friendly banter from the Tims. Not to mention the now notorious drinking capacity. This match still holds the record for the amount of kegs (120) drunk in one night (though the Hearts fans who stayed for 3 days hold the fixture record at 204). Great atmosphere, never-ending singing and those who travelled to Celtic Park, despite the home defeat in the return leg, were marked by the BEST EVER ATMOSPHERE and songs in any European ground, including Nou Camp and Old Trafford. Hail Hail.

RODA Football Club

From Holland, the Roda football club stopped in the Connemara. Great set of fans, like most Dutch clubs. Always wonder how they get a bad reputation. Like most touring fans all they want is a good pub with cheap beer and plenty of space to get together, show their flags and banners, and let the locals know thare is a football match on in the city. As with every visiting club on good behaviour we proudly keep their souvenirs on display in the bar. Small club, big heart and fervent fans including an absolute giant who had his photo taken with hundreds of Bordeaux police, locals, fans. Had never heard of Kerkrade before this game but will always remember these guys. Good luck in Europe... many pics on their website.

H.E.A. R.T.S. Football Club

A long way down, but worth it... pints in the sun at the end of the game. Don't know where to start or finish with this club... The Bordeaux trainer Elie Baup was being interviewed at The Connemara when the UEFA draw was made. We were a bit apprehensive to draw the 'loyalist' club from Edinburgh, though we immediately suggested, after the positive experience of the Tartan Army and Celtic, to give HEARTS as many tickets as they wanted, possibly about 3500! The FCGB club laughed at me, since Hearts only had about 8500 for home games : could that many fans travel abroad ? You'd better believe it ! 3800 singing, dancing, chanting party animals ... on best behaviour. Apart from a few Ulster lads who insisted on singing the sash (one of the best Irish tunes ever) and God Save The Queen, which didn't bother us, but didn't go down so well with the Scots! They went off to a few English bars and everyone was happy. Everyone rallied for the "Official Cortege" by the police from The Connemara to the ground, stopping all the traffic at every intersection. The bemused locals all tooted their horns ... in delight, and waved to the fans who created a sensation in the city. Incredible scenes at the ground and afterwards for an historical away win... I sent off many souvenir T-shirts (after a re-print) and some collectors' items Match Tickets for the 'privileged few' who attended this unforgettable match, possibly the best ever away event for most fans. Nice gesture from the Hearts' board who invited my wife (who represented the Municipal Police) and myself (representing the CRS riot police) to a champagne reception and visit of Tynecastle (better than Murrayfield any day !) where we presented - as for Celtic - SOUVENIR MEDALS AND PLAQUES to reward the magnificent fans' behaviour in Bordeaux. Just a few weeks ago, thirty Bordeaux supporters came to The Connemara and requested H.E.A....R.T.S. and the whole pub sang along! After the third Scottish experience the whole city is looking forward to another Scottish club : Hibs, Rangers, Aberdeen... whatever. Wear your colours, bring your flags (you can even hang them on the City Hall railings) and set the night on fire ! Hope to get a MUSIC LINK on this to try to convey the incredible atmosphere.