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The pub is divided in 6 parts + the terrace
Présentation et Historique du pub :
Read the story of the Connemara
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Fri 18th Apr (Music)
Session Irish Music
Fri 18th Apr (Sport)
Live Sport at The Connemara
Sat 19th Apr (Football)
Girondins de Bordeaux Live at The Connemara
Sat 19th Apr (Sport)
UBB Rugby Live at The Connemara
Sat 19th Apr (Sport)
Sun 20th Apr (Football)
Manchester United Fans at The Connemara
Sun 20th Apr (Football)
Liverpool Live at The Connemara
Sun 20th Apr (Sport)
ASM Clermont Live au Connemara
Mon 21st Apr (Beer Promo)
Monday Night Beer Promotion : 3 Euros Pint
Tue 22nd Apr (Music)
OPEN STAGE at The Connemara with Lawrence Collins
Tue 22nd Apr (Football)
Visiting Fans at The Connemara